Magic Power

p3m-7Saya Fadjar/PapaTita dari Indonesia namun ingin share aplikasi untuk menguatkan sinyal video/live streaming pada Phantom 3 Standard/4K

Cara kerja aplikasi dengan merubah sinyal 2.4 Ghz dari 17 dBm ke 27 dBm (Jika ini terlalu tinggi bisa pilih opsi 20 dBm).
Dengan sinyal video yang meningkat akan mengurangi lag, lebih stabil dalam penerimaan video.

Apakah dengan modifikasi ini bisa menambah jarak/jangkauan P3S? Jawabnya bisa, karena RTH di trigger dua hal: buruknya sinyal remote atau buruknya sinyal video.


I’m Fadjar/PapaTita from Indonesia but wanted to share the application amplifies the signal for video / live streaming on Phantom 3 Standard / 4K

How it works is the application changing the 2.4 GHz signal from 17 dBm to 27 dBm (If this is too high can select option 20 dBm).
With the video signal increases will reduce the lag, more stable in the video reception.

What is with these modifications can increase the distance / range P3S? The answer could be, because RTH at triggered two things: poor controller signal or poor video signals.

You can see the video tutorial below:



Add US Region
Choose your own channel
Enabled/Disabled Booster with Telnet command.

Support the latest firmware (1.7.90)

New Script optimization
Better live streaming for long range.

Phantom 3 Magic, The magic application for update tx-power and change channel with easy and safer. (for more information read file telnet_command.txt).

Tx-Power selection from 20 dbm up to 27dBm

Add option to set FCC 20 dBm (RC and Drone)

Add option to select only channel 13
You can also change channel via telnet with cmd: -ch nn

Script optimization on the “Patch to FCC – RC and Drone”

1. Log file
2. Bug fixed on Revert back to CE

Displaying “iwinfo” again at the end after sending command to rc: “iw reg set BO; iw dev wlan0 set txpower limit 2700”

1. there an option to run in rc and drone, when previously only in rc
2. If using power booster antenna so that the output in rc need to be adjusted (max 20 dbm), while the drone remains 27 dbm.
3. Revert back to CE, Sometimes we want to restore the configuration to the stock, may want to sell it again?, in my case, i want to test app from the initial position.

v3.1: Scan Channel.